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JianChun Zhang

Jianchun Zhang was born in Kunming, China. Having graduated from Kunming Medical School and obtained a Master's degree in medicine from West China University, she practiced as a head and neck surgeon in the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical School. Following her move to North America in 1993, she has worked as a researcher at several bio-medical institutions including Harvard University and the National Research Council of Canada.

Jianchun settled in Montreal in 1995. While pursuing her professional career in her second homeland, she picked up her first DSLR camera ten years ago and became a self-taught photographer. She is a member of the Montreal Camera Club. Traveling around the world, she kept capturing wonders of nature and lots of precious moments. Nature subjects are her favorites. She especially enjoys creating impressionistic and abstract images from nature. Her illustrated travel journals have been published in several Chinese newspapers and magazines in Montreal and in New York City. Her set of photos entitled “Moon Light” was featured in MCLL Art Show 2014, in McClure Art Gallery of Visual Art Center of Westmount, Montreal.

Jianchun would like to continue to explore the art of photography and to transform her hobby into a journey of artistic exploration.

Contact information: 514-484-6318



Artist Statement

Moving Colors

There are moments in my life when I seem to see beyond the usual, looking through the lens. I was always fascinated by the miracles of the ever-changing nature, especially the ever-moving colors. These are my moments of great happiness.

Photography is a wonderful way to explore the beauty of the world, to find my inner spirit, to express my emotions, and to seek resonance with other souls.

I hope these photos will bring you peace, love, and happiness.